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Established in 2000, 3Drums works as a creative agency to provide marketing and brand design, event management and production, digital solutions, gifts and premiums in one go. 

Our different services offer fast and flexible design options to meet the constantly changing market environment, whilst possess high degree of liquidity in our production process, eventually hoping to satisfy our clients’ needs with above-level performances and very much wowing results. 

Please surf around our website to discover our beautiful designs if you would appreciate. Thank you and we shall wait for your inquiry soon.

Special COVID-19 announcement: the launch of our virtual event services

As far as the pandemic is concerned, our clients are facing difficulties to get in touch with the market, clients, partners or suppliers. By producing virtual events could solve the problem! Through which you can share and provide information updates to your targets, and so we are proud to present our new service to our clients from 2021. Please talk to us to find out how it could be made and how better you can get today.
Remark: References will be provided upon request.






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